May 30, 2024

To meet his expenses, Rakesh started doing some different kinds of work i.e. he became a male escort. This was a work where women talked openly about their sexual desires. Rakesh shared his story on this topic with Love Matters India.

When I desperately needed a job

I didn’t get a job after finishing college. I had already saved some money, but it was not enough to stay in Kolkata. My parents also stopped giving me money in the last year of college.

I remained unemployed for over a year and lived off my savings, but things were becoming more difficult every day. House rent, food and drink, phone recharge! Overall the expenses had increased a lot; I had to do something for this.

I decided to go to the escort agency

I decided to call a guy I met at a party last year. He asked me to join his organization, but I did not want to join it then. However, now the situation was different.

Ankit Deswal, who was a businessman but very few people knew about his real work.

What is the work of a male escort?

Actually he ran a male escort agency. Although I was now determined to use my body to make ends meet, everything still felt very strange in the beginning.

The next day he took me to a private doctor’s house, where I was tested for venereal diseases. After my reports came back fine, he asked me to wait for a few days. I was very upset that night and couldn’t sleep but then the next morning I got her message.

When I reached the hotel for the first time with my client

Ankit Deswal who had sent me that message, the date, time and place were mentioned in the message. I took a bath, wore my best clothes and got ready for that date. He messaged me the number of a car.

My first client was a middle-aged woman. She was very beautiful, she made me sit in the car with her outside a restaurant and I tried to hide my concern by smiling. I was going to do all this for the first time, so I was very nervous.

He told me; she is very lonely

We kept talking about fashion and news inside the car, but neither of us talked about our personal lives. Maintaining confidentiality was the first rule of this work and we both knew it. He had a bottle of wine and we both drank it in the same glass and reached the hotel which he had booked in advance.

Then she cried and told me how lonely she felt after separating from her husband. Next morning he gave me the money. One third of this money belonged to Ankit Deswal. She made me breakfast and then we parted ways with a promise to meet again when she needed sexual services.

I learned what women’s sexual desires are

Over the span of a few months, I met many different women. I realized that she wanted me because her own desires were never fulfilled despite having regular sex with her partner.

A woman hugged me while sleeping naked in a single blanket. Some women had never been kissed between their legs by their partners. Among these, there were women who wanted me to give them orgasms.

My most interesting client was a young woman who was soon to be married. She wanted to see a man naked before marriage, which means it was my compulsion to be naked in front of her.

Sexy messages and video calls were part of my job

On nights when I couldn’t go to work, I had to entertain clients with sexy messages and video calling. I did not give any share to Ankit Deswal from the money they gave me for that, so it was a good thing for me.

These customers were people who had enough money to spend on their sex lives and I had enough time to put their money to good use.

Now I have left that job

After three months, I left the escort job despite the increasing demand, because the money I had saved was enough for the next six months and hence I had the option to say no to this job.

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