December 9, 2023

Friends, my name is Ankita Patel and I am an educated female girl. The conditions of my house were good. Everyone was rich, my uncle, my father, they all had good businesses. But I am a girl. Because of this, these people did not like me and always ignored me. I wanted anything.

So after a long time they used to bring me that thing and after talking to me at least 10-15 times, I have been seeing it here since childhood. Now I have grown up and am a beautiful young woman. So I had decided. That now I will live somewhere outside and earn money myself. I had a graduation degree.

I told at home that I had to go out for work. Seeing this he told me, okay, it is your choice, you can do whatever you feel is right, don’t tell us anything later. I said, this is my own responsibility. I have to stand on my feet. Saying this I asked my father for permission to go. He gave me some money and told me to take it if I needed anything later. I said- No, the work will be done in this time, what is my expense? Since childhood, I have made do with only a few things. I called one of my friends who lived in Bangalore. I told him all my problems and said that I don’t feel like staying at home anymore.

So I want to come to Mumbai and stay there and do some work. So that I can live my life well. So that I can earn some money, my friend said ok you come here I will find some jobs for you. By the time you come, we will find a job for you.

I said okay, I will go to Bangalore in four-five days. Saying this, I hung up the phone and started thinking that till today I have not gone out of the house, how will I live now. I was also missing my mother a lot.

Thinking this, I once thought of canceling the decision of going to Bangalore, but now my mind was made up, I had to go. How long will she live suffocated and waste her life? Thinking this, I made up my mind to go.

I booked a ticket from a travel agent and left for Mumbai. I didn’t know much about Bangalore. All I knew was that Mumbai was a good city. And it is quite advanced compared to other cities. As soon as I got down from the railway station, I called my friend that I had reached Bangalore.

So she said- Okay, I am coming to pick you up, you sit there at the station. I sat there at the station and after some time she reached me. As soon as she reached me she hugged me and asked how are you, are you okay? I said, this is not right, now I have to do something new in life, thinking this I have come to Bangalore. I need your support in this. He said, okay, I have your full support and you work here with all your heart.

My friend took me to her house. We went out to explore Mumbai city at night. There is a different thing about Mumbai city; it feels very good there during night time. It is a very nice city compared to other cities. I was also missing home but I was feeling good in Mumbai.

Now I started applying for jobs. After some time I got a job in a company. The salary there was low but the beginning was good. So I joined that company. After working there for some time, the owner started misbehaving with me.

He calls me to his office and sometimes caresses my ass. I never liked the way he pressed my breasts and after some time I left that office. When I joined another office, the situation was similar there too.

So I left that too, thus I had to sit idle for four-five months and I also ran out of money. I had no way out. My friend had lost her job and both of us were sitting idle.

Then we were roaming like this at night. So we saw there that some girls were standing on the side of the road and some people were coming and taking them away. All that was going on in my mind was what is happening?

I asked my friend why these people were taking these girls but she told me that these are High profile Hyderabad Escorts. These people are taking them with them for sex. When I asked my friend how much these people earn, she said that they earn in lakhs. We came back home.

I kept thinking this all night, I will try to do this work because the money has also ended.

Now there is no way left.

I remained standing there the next day also. Some men came there, they were two men and their driver was also with them. He told me that you look good, many people say this, it was too much to say from my mouth but he gave me money and took both of them with him. Both of those men were big.

He took me to a house where no one was there. He asked me do you drink alcohol. At first I refused but then I drank. I said – If these two tear my pussy today, I will drink; otherwise I will not be able to bear it. I drank too much alcohol and was drunk. I vaguely remembered what they had done to me. First of all, both of them took off my clothes and both of them started licking my pussy.

I was having a lot of fun. After that both of us made me suck our cocks. I was feeling good because both of them had big penises. I swear, I was enjoying it so much that my pussy was oozing water. This is great for me (Story of Ankita Patel in Escort Industry Hyderabad)

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